Monday, March 29, 2010

Wind Power

I hope the explorers are having a good break. They deserve it. They have been working so hard at the after school club, MicroExplorers. This past week we looked at chemiluminescence. We had a great time mixing chemicals to create a cool blue light. We learned about color using a Newton color wheel and had a lively debate about wave and particle theory. (just kidding-some things will have to wait for high school)  Next week we will talk about cleaner ways of generating electricity. We have a series of wind turbines that we will learn how to use to generate a current. The wind turbines are from a midwestern company,  They have an amazing website and very useful alternative energy kits for kids. Explorers will learn how to collect data and analyze their results. After we learn more about wind power, the explorers will modify their wind turbine in an attempt to increase its efficiency.  Good luck!

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